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SPONSOR US! Have your logo appear in promos, in videos, on our website and t-shirts

Key Benefits From Sponsoring SHAPE SHIFTERS Run Club

A number of UK Businesses have taken the step in community level sports sponsoring. With the countries strong emotional ties to sports, especially those that are linked to national and local charitable causes, businesses can score some of the love by sponsoring team shirts, kits, trainers, supplements and therapy services.

Your brand will be in front of stadium spectators, photographers, the general public, coaches, event organisers and fans.

Many trendy small businesses invest in sponsoring local community sports Incentives. Some consider their sponsorship a charitable contribution and others, a form of advertising. Either way, ours is a mutual relationship that pays off for the sponsor and our team.

Below are six ways how sponsoring SHAPE SHIFTERS Run Club promotes a value model.

  • Increase awareness of your products and services
  • A welcomed form of advertising
  • Help keep Shape Shifters costs down
  • Outstanding value for your investment
  • Build goodwill with new diverse audiences
  • Possible tax incentives

Sponsorship, whether from one sponsor or a collective, to Shape Shifters, goes a long way to offset our rising costs of continuous training and development. But what you'll find is that your sponsorship also goes a long way to strengthen the bond between your brand and the local community.
Item / area sponsored
25 x Running Shirts - business branding on main front or back shirt
25 x running shirts - business branding on left arm of shirt
25 x Running Shirts - business branding on right arm of shirt
25 x Running Shirts - business name on lower back of shirt
Business branding on 2 x promotional videos (see promo-preview of January's video above)
Business branding on promotional material for 70mph challenges
Business branding and website Link from Shape Shifters webpage (included in all the above) 
Business branding highlighted on social media  (included in all the above) 
TOTAL for complete sponsorship package 

If you see a sponsorship area you like from the above and would like to negotiate a product, part payment or part service deal contact us.

Call 07986 868 040 or email ssrunclub@gmail.com to get started